Younique Business Designs Program


  • Have you blended your Younique passions and talents to brand yourself?wisdom-666135_1280
  • Have you identified your ideal client and why you are a better choice for him/her?
  • Are you spending your time/money online where your ideal clients are?
  • Are you standing deeply in your value to grow your dreams?
  • Do you know how to use free media and host special events that attract more ideal clients?
  • Does your marketing reflect your personality and speak in your ideal clients’ language?
  • Is your online presence static or interactive?  Can you easily update it yourself?

Sheryl Sitts of & Mario Rosales of join forces to bring you a brand new, 6-month step-by-step program to take your business to the next level both in person and online!  Presenting YOUNIQUE BUSINESS DESIGNS…  Please contact us for more information.

ball-563973_1280SESSION I: “Clarify Your Vision and Ideal Client” Sheryl Sitts guides you in creating your best and most balanced life vision and then identifying exactly whom you feel most deeply called to serve, ensuring your language and outreach powerfully attract him/her.

 stamp-143192_1280SESSION II: “Design your Younique Brand & Path of Service Have fun with Sheryl designing your ideal path of service that most deeply serves your ideal client, then branding yourself and creating marketing language that is clear, concise, consistent, compelling, establishes your credibility and value, and powerfully magnetizes him/her.

silhouettes-219649_1280SESSION III: “Get Your Message Out There!” In your final session with Sheryl, you will co-create a focused sales and marketing strategy to get your message in front of your ideal client in ways that best suit your schedule, personality, and budget. “Work smarter not harder” exploring free media opportunities, growing your business through live events and speaking engagements, smart networking opportunities, collaboration with other complementary service providers, and targeting centers of influence who serve as gateways to accessing clusters of your ideal clients.

SESSION IV: “How Do You & Your Technology Get Along?”  Mario Rosales gets to know your level of experience and comfort with various forms of technology as you together explore how you use and feel about technology and various electronic media platforms, the goals you have for using online resources to grow your business and enrich your personal life, and how you spend your “plugged in” time.

stock-624712_1280SESSION V: “Taking a Look Inside Online” Now that you both understand “who you are online, Mario guides you in creating an Online Marketing Strategy that considers which tools best serve your taste and needs and  what needs to be adjusted to creating a model based on your use, goals, and preferences.  Spend only the time you want to spend on social media or website marketing, and if you don’t already have your own website, social media, and/or online presence, you will design a path that works best for you to move forward including a basic, easily manageable, expandable website.*

social-media-423857_1280SESSION VI:  “Implementing Your Online Presence This is where Mario helps you implement the technology and strategy you have chosen as you learn how to use them most effectively. “What do I do?”  “How do I do it?” All such questions are answered here as you apply your branding and marketing to attract your ideal clients online in ways that express your Younique Business Design!

* Note: We may recommend an expanded presence in the directory if that is the best fit for your needs. If the basic website and/or shopping cart software included in this proposal is insufficient for your requirements, we will discuss additional time and budget to expand the project at our Preferred Client 20% discounted hourly rate. Please note that 90% of websites fit Client’s basic upgradeable website needs. Optional additional coaching hours will also be available for one year after program completion at our Preferred Client 20% discounted hourly rate.