Possibilities Vision Board Workshop

VISION BOARDS are fun to create and help you get crystal clear about exactly the kind of life you really want!  Meditate with your ideal vision board for a few minutes every morning and evening, and soon you will be delightfully surprised at how the visions on your board manifest in your life!  Create them for a new year, a new business, a new family, or any time you want a fun way to move through transition or gain expansion and clarity.

CREATE YOUR OWN POSSIBILITY VISION BOARD PARTY:  Host 8-10 friends/coworkers and Sheryl brings the party to you!*  She will facilitate an inspirational, insightful workshop to help participants recognize and clear some of the unconscious beliefs that silently sabotage their dreams while creating new visions of possibility.  All supplies to create boards are provided.  Suggested fee: $35/person. Hostess receives $5/person and their workshop FREE!   Contact Sheryl to schedule.



In the video below, Journey of Possibilities Founder Sheryl Sitts:

  • Invites you to gather friends, family, clients, coworkers, biz partners, or retreat into solitude
  • Tells you what materials you may want to have ready for the workshop
  • Guides you in a meditation to explore all facets of your untapped dreams
  • Provides feng shui tips to balance your board and position images/words for powerful manifestation
  • Shows you one of her own Possibilities Vision Boards that has helped her in realizing her dream

Clarifying and igniting your dreams is only the beginning!  Is entrepreneurship part of your vision?  Sheryl Sitts sees all that is possible for you as she passionately guides you step-by-step to (1) blend your unique passions and make a bigger difference, (2) identify who you most deeply want to serve, (3) create powerful marketing language / strategies to attract and connect with your ideal clients live and online, (4) design pricing options that value you and your clients, (5) learn to have successful sales conversations suited to your personality, (7) host events that raise money and awareness for you, and (8) secure speaking engagements that drive your success.

Someone out there is looking to connect with someone who has exactly what you have to offer.  Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams and helping others achieve theirs?  Contact Sheryl today!


*Create Your Own Possibility Vision Board Party is available at quoted rates within 35 miles of Montgomery, Texas.  Other locations may involve additional travel fees or require a larger gathering to cover travel.