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Created as a gateway for personal possibility and transformation, this magazine will educate and inspire you to live authentically in harmony with all life.  We are committed to creating more value, connection, and community within our growing guest list (mostly women in the Texas Gulf Coast area and then radiating outward to span the globe) visiting Journey of Possibilities and listening to our Exploring Possibilities podcast.

Regular contributors and guest authors will share their insights about meditation, the power of gratitude, organic gardening, sacred travel, astrology, yoga, natural beauty, tasty ways to eat healthy, sustainable homesteading, Chinese medicine, energy work, holistic pet care, living your pa$$ion, galactic Q & A, cosmic wisdom thru the ages, and more!  Publication dates are 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1

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SUBMIT AN ARTICLE:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT; we are full for the first 2 issues, but you are welcome to share your content as an advertisement.   We welcome your occasional relevant submissions of approximately 800 words (slightly more or less is OK if it maintains flow and retains reader interest).  Articles received at least 30 days prior to publication will be published as space and content flow permit.  Please submit typed articles with images attached as follows:

  • WRITE as you feel inspired from classes you take, products/techniques you discover, etc.  The purpose is to inform, educate, and share personal experiences.  Articles that sound like infomercials will not be published.
  • WRITE from the heart as you might share with a dear friend who is just learning about your topic.  Don’t assume readers know what you’re talking about.  Keep the focus positive and make it as personal and conversational as possible to engage/retain readers.  Examples also help clarify.
  • SHARE in a gentle, loving way.  Please do not prescribe, dictate, or come across ‘preachy’.
  • Submit ORIGINAL articles only as we will copyright our publications.  Old content won’t keep readers.
  • PICTURES help convey your message and break up blocks of text.  Readers love pictures!  Please attach to your article for publication only images for which you have authorization to publish.  How can you tell?  One way is to take the photo yourself and get any subjects’ permission in writing. There are many free pictures on the Internet,  but they must authorize redistribution and publication to be permissible.  Cite your sources.
  • END with a couple of 3rd person sentences “About the Author” that hotlink back to your website or social media presence.
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Finally, we retain editorial rights and oversight.  Some editing may occur for space requirements, grammatical support, or some other reason.  We reserve the right to choose what is ultimately published or to refuse publication for any reason.  Your submission conveys rights to publish in perpetuity.