Tonya Dawn Recla

Tonya Dawn Recla

Personal Power Mentoring ~ Stand in your POWER

The world is full of amazing people who take a stand, serve others and strive to change the world.

Do you have a dream, an idea, or a business plan that makes the world a better place, but you keep getting stuck?

Too many times good people get derailed by financial failures, personal obstacles, negative patterns of behavior and basic life distractions. These, combined with ego and fears, lead to a void of power and an inability to create good in the world.

The only way to get through these times is to recognize the direct connection between Standing in Your POWER and serving the world powerfully.

That’s where Tonya comes in. She specializes in helping people develop their Personal Power. Through decades of education, training and experience, Tonya’s unique blend of life paths combine to create a powerful mentor able to intuit and articulate problem areas. Her ability to communicate complex mind, body, spirit connections in simple, easy-to-apply solutions makes her an extremely valuable asset for any personal or professional venture.

Successful people engage Tonya in order to move swiftly and confidently through spiritual and personal growth obstacles so they can continue to serve the world in bigger and more effective ways. Tonya’s clients include: entrepreneurs, spiritual advisors, government officials, CEOs, parents, couples, men and women.

Speciality areas include:
Personal power
Situational awareness
Spiritual awareness
Strategic communication
Social dynamics
Creative and critical thinking
Masculine/feminine energy
Relationships (adult and parent/child)
Spiritual contracts

Speaking and Training

Topics include:

Stand in your POWER! keynote and workshop
Live in the Pink!TM Awareness Training
W.A.R. – Watch, Assess, React Personal Safety Training
The Queen Archetype: Stay on Your Throne Workshop

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Business Consulting

Tonya Dawn Recla and her husband, Justin, founded The Recla Group as their part in changing the world. Based on over twenty years of counterintelligence experience, The Recla Group uses proven methods and techniques that have saved their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Recla Group offers a unique perspective on performing due diligence and the Evidence Process. The Recla Group moves beyond the old model of due diligence and exams the heart and true source of all business dealings…people. Utilizing exclusive government and military training reserved for elite counterintelligence agents, The Recla Group excels in piecing together data, digging through unclear business and financial connections and gauging the veracity of information.

The Recla Group serves, educates and trains business owners on the importance of having an Evidence Process in place while performing due diligence throughout all stages of business. Their recent experience includes assessments in Europe and Latin America.

Tonya Dawn Recla

Those who stand in their personal POWER powerfully serve

Live in the Pink!TM



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