Tech Life Balance - Log in, Log Out, Break Free!

Tech Life Balance - Log in, Log Out, Break Free!

Mario, Tech Life Balance, Men's Facilitator, Reiki Certified

Tech-Life Balance is a philosophy that I, Mario Rosales, have created to balance all aspects of technology with the inner person that we truly are.  The philosophy is simple… “Log in, Log Out, Break free!”  What it means:  simplify technology and your life will be simplified.  This philosophy affects all aspects of who we are as men and women and in our personal and business relationships.  It affects all of us and is usually reflected within us and in how we are around other people. While technology might be easy to use, it is complicated to integrate into our daily lives.   This integration means truly looking at your lifestyle, valuing what’s important and what you want out of life.  Once you discover that, you will realize that life has even more to offer.  Your eyes are open to new opportunities and ideas.  By discovering your technology obstacles you discover some of your life obstacles and then your relationships change, you change and you realize how much more time you have because you have “Log in, Log Out, and Break Free!”

Who Am I?  As a Reiki Practitioner and Founder of Tech-Life Balance I enjoy helping integrate Tech-Life Balance into your life. A few years ago, I had a personal tragedy that caused me to realized how I was using technology to escape.  When that happened, I decided to use my knowledge (now 20 years in the I.T. industry working with Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses, nonprofits and Internet startups) to help you overcome that trap and balance their lives.  I know the challenges because I have been through them and now I love helping you integrate technology into a healthy balanced lifestyle with family, spouse, friends and yourself.

I also have a passion for helping men redefine themselves as modern men. Today’s definition of “what a man is” continues to change from what it has been in the past. Besides my personal awakening and entrepreneurial experiences, I bring a unique perspective to help men dispel old stereotypes and reinvent themselves in Tech-Life Balance program, men’s group, personal coaching, and group presentations.

Services that I provide:

Log in, Log Out, Break Free!“Logged In Services”

  • Tech-Life Balance Consulting
  • One on One Technology Consultation
  • Online Media Consulting (Website, Social, Forums, SEO, Podcasts, WordPress, etc.)
  • Online Community Building
  • Self-Managed Internet Solutions
  • Hourly Consulting


Log in, Log Out, Break Free!“Logged Out Services”

  • Tech-life Balance Consulting
  • Public Speaking on Tech-Life Balance, Personal Development, Men’s Issues, Couples Communication, Technology
  • Group Presentations or Training on a Tech-Life Balance, Personal development or Technology
  • Men’s Group Facilitation
  • Reiki
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