Sunshine Farms

Sunshine Farms

Experience life on a farm as you touch, see, taste, hear and smell a wholesome way of life and enjoy all that is natural and good from the earth.  At Sunshine Farm, we work hard to make and grow the finest things.

We grow a variety of vegetables. Our crops are grown without any pesticides or herbicides so you can be sure they are good and good for you.

We have many kinds of flowering plants.  Our fresh herbs are the best.

We have lots of critters here on the farm, and all have a purpose: goats, chickens, quail, and pigeons.  We harvest eggs, incubate and hatch birds for egging and eating.  All naturally of course.

Chickens lay the best eggs when allowed to free range.   They can eat naturally and scratch for bugs.  A healthy chicken is a happy chicken.

Last but not least we make a line of all natural skin care products (soaps, lotions, body powders, sugar scrubs, and more) using plant oils, essential oils, and we add dried herbs and flower petals from our gardens.  Everything is handmade right in our gift shop which is open to the public with lots of samples to touch, try and smell.


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