Stoneworks by Rocky

Stoneworks by Rocky

Rocky is a true-born crystalline earthkeeper who was granted his name at the age two by his grandfather.  He has studied the powers and functions of gem and mineral energies as applied to the spiritual evolution of the human condition for decades.  With a current collection of over 1600 stones and 15 years of professional experience, he offers his services to spiritual seekers of all light-minded paths.

What can he offer you?

An INTENSE growth experience second to none!

The art of applying stones to energy portals of the body offers each seeker a unique experience leading to higher states of awareness and being.  If you have reached a point in life where nothing but a quantum leap in spiritual consciousness will do, or you simply feel the need for a bright and new mystical experience, Rocky is here for you.

Private and group consultations available.  Find Rocky at various local events including Marva’s Alternative Healing Fair the first Saturday monthly at La Quinta Galleria in Houston, Texas (details at Spirit Quest Psychic Fairs held on Sunday afternoons in Old Town Spring, TX (see for more information).



3 Simple Rules to Fix Nearly Everything:

1. Arrogance and enlightenment are mutually exclusive

2. Violence is the last resort of the incompetent

3. There is no excuse for bad manners.

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