Journey of Possibilities

Journey of Possibilities


chains-433543_1920I’m Sheryl Sitts and I was approaching 50 before I finally found a way to clear and release deep, painful experiences from my past (abandonment, incest, bankruptcy, addiction…) that were unconsciously guiding my choices and blocking my happiness. Though I came from a loving home, how we handled (and didn’t handle) trauma actually trapped fear and anger in my body that perpetuated an undercurrent of distorted choices and frustration.

Counseling?  I tried it and learned a lot about myself, but it didn’t heal my pain.

   Church classes? Results were similar to counseling and I couldn’t find my spiritual home.

      Workshops? I often leave inspired only to drift back to the way things were over time.

         Self-help books? I could open a library! They helped, but not enough.

Alcohol and drugs gave me relief for a while…until they created even more problems!

   School was my shelter until I’d earned an AA, a BA, and an MPA. Time to move on!

      Work kept me “lost in busy” until I pushed myself to the point of injury and poor health.

woman-591576_960_720When my American Dream crumbled, I met a holistic practitioner and began my journey of possibilities. I explored massage, Reiki, meditation, shamanic journeys, flower essences, hypnosis, dowsing, color ray healing, drumming, essential oils and more. Finally I began to release, layer by layer, the pain, fear, and anger I’d carried deep in my body as I anchored into a growing sense of peace and self-love.

My journey continues and now I am a holistic, spiritual practitioner and coach.  I love connecting and empowering women pursuing their own journey of possibilities. How may I help you?

  • PRIVATE SESSIONS:  I blend intuitive coaching, Reiki, and Energy ReNual to help you discover your heart’s deepest desires and remove physical, mental, and emotional blocks that arise.  I even help you create a business blending your own holistic passions!
  • LIVE EVENTS connect you to like-spirited enthusiasts and practitioners thru fun activities in a heart-centered environment.
  • EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES FREE WEEKLY PODCASTS demystify holistic spirituality one guest at a time. (Also broadcast on iTunes, and Stitcher)
  • JOURNEY OF POSSIBILITIES FREE DIGITAL MAGAZINE shares ways to live a more holistic, spiritual life and keeps you informed of available services and upcoming events.

SherylFlyerPic06112015WHY WAIT? You deserve your own joyful journey of possibilities. Contact me today!

With much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder

Journey of Possibilities




  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Certified Reiki I Practitioner (2015)
  • Initiated into the Tao (2015)
  • Highly Intuitive (sees what isn’t visible, hears what isn’t audible)
  • Active Member of White Eagle Lodge since 2011
  • 2 Trips to Peruvian Amazon for Shamanic Ceremonies including 11-Day Ayahuasca Intensive
  • Deep immersion into sacred shamanic ceremonies working with various plants, drumming, toning, and music since 2011
  • Active in the Children of the Law of One
  • Raised fundamentalist Christian (Lutheran)
  • Volunteer on Leadership Advisory Board, Texas AgriLife Extension since 2004
  • Volunteer Advisory Board Member, Montgomery County Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program since 2004
  • Volunteer Advisory Board Member, Salvation Army of Montgomery County since 2011

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