Astrologer for the 7th House (Marriage/Partners)

Astrologer for the 7th House (Marriage/Partners)

My consultations are specifically on relationships.  I help people who have given up on relationships, who are frustrated with what they keep creating (challenging patterns), who want to know how to be a better partner, and who may have heard the term “shadow” and want to understand how to relate to their own shadow and meet others halfway. I also mediate between two people whether marriage or business partners using their birth charts to help them understand one another.  See website for more information on workshops and consultations.

I looked and looked and this I came to see – that what I thought was you and you – was really me and me.

U.S. Distributor for Astro Intellengence Reports by world-famous Liz Greene.  With your birthday, time and place, the report by Liz gives you a great description about you and your own shadow.

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